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How Much Probiotic per Day?

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Hi, I would like to ask how much probiotic would you recommend for a 14 years old per day?  Can he take the full amount all at once in the morning, or split it throughout the day?  I also see some probiotic needed to be refrigerated, but some don't.  Which one would you recommend?  Thank you so much!



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What are you trying to achieve with the probiotic?  Is your son taking antibiotics currently?

It is probably best to dose probiotics over the course of the day -- or at least some in the morning and some in the evening (maybe at breakfast and again at dinner?) -- so that the gut is consistently repopulated with beneficial flora. 

Some probiotics are particularly beneficial for certain issues, but a mixed strain is probably ideal if you're not trying to address anything in particular.  Lactobacillus gg (Culturelle) is supposed to be good for combatting anxiety and depression.  Sachromyces boulardi (Florastor) is good for diarrhea and other GI distress issues.

If your son is not taking antibiotics or some other treatment that tends to kill off gut flora, then probably 20 to 50 billion units per day is adequate.  If he's on an antibiotic regimen, I would suggest somewhere upwards of 100 to 200 billion units per day, and spaced at least an hour or two apart from the antibiotics.  Also just know that one of the most readily available probiotics - acidolpholus (found in yogurt and kefir and some cheeses) -- is susceptible to antibiotics and cannot outlive them.  So just mix it up and don't rely on yogurt or any other single source alone, and you should be okay.

All the best.

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Thank you so much! My son seems like getting better with his OCD after switching back to Renew probiotic product like less obsessive thoughts, less repeating the same questions. But he becomes cracking his knucle more than before he used this probiotic.  His hallucination is getting better, but I am not sure if it because of probiotic or taurine.  I would like to ask you that I found a strain somewhere in forum saying could help Candida, but I couldn't find it anymore.  Do you know which one is it?  Thank you so much!

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