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I have been away for a while, and do not plan on sticking around, because I tend to look too much for reassurance. I haven't been doing great this last week or so but before I was doing better. Anyways I stumbled upon this on twitter today and I wanted to get you guys' opinions since you guys are the smartest people regiading OCD and PANDAS out there.



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DC -- I think this research, like much of the research going on these days with respect to mental "illness," its potential geneses and innovative treatments is great, and promising.


Unfortunately, however, our psych has frequently reminded us as a family that research is just that: research. And the road from research to peer-reviewed concensus tends to be a long one, let alone the road from research to on-label treatment options. Research, and even clinical trials, don't have the same standard of care as a practicing physician who's agreed to oversee one's physical or mental health care, so there's a gap there in what one sees in current research progress and what many/most physicians are ready to put into regular practice.


That said, we've benefitted from some off-label treatments when the psych or docs felt that the research thus far presented, and still underway, was adequately compelling, so I don't think the door is shut and locked in terms of some new treatment options coming to fruition short of full FDA approval. It takes an intellectually curious doctor/care-giver, though, to stick his/her neck out.

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