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UK/European supplier for Buhner herbs?


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PLEASE READ - Important: please read this posting before replying to anything I post: http://latitudes.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=24834#entry186170


Hello, just wondering whether anyone happens to know a supplier for Buhner herbs in the UK or elsewhere in Europe? The book only lists American suppliers - some of them do ship to the UK but it looks like the shipping costs can be a bit steep and possibly slow as well, so it would be handy to be able to get them from closer to home.

(The book suggests just doing a Web search for the names of herbs and seeing who's cheapest. I am certainly not doing that with herbs! I was reading only the other day about a woman who bought comfrey tea off a market stall and ended up in hospital, it turned out to be foxgloves.)

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I found this post on another forum from one of my dear Latitudes friends - Rowingmom

She took an excerpt from Buhner's facebook page (I think - or maybe his website)


2) In the EU/UK try:
Julia Behrens-Medical herbalist
Herstmonceux Health Centre
Halisham Road,
East sussex
Appointments-Mobile )7968366783

Julia Behrens Medical Herbalist
Albion Clinic
1 Albion Street
Work 01273 628221
Mobile 07968 366783

There is a new practitioner who took over my old recommendation's, Peter Conway, practice. She is Sabrina Biscardi and can be reached here: http://www.terrasacra.co.uk/

3) I do not sell herbs or protocols. I recommend woodlandessence.com; sagewomanherbs.com; elkmountainherbs.com; 1stchineseherbs.com; greendragonbotanicals.com, and MontanaFarmacy.com.

4. Herb companies In Canada (they also ship to the EU, as do some of the US companies but they have an easier time of it): Herbies-Herbs.com; and monteagleherbs.com.

(Jef Victor Juel Martinussen, via facebook, may be useful for herbs in the EU, try him.)

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For the information of anyone else: I found one! www.bristolbotanicals.co.uk They stock EVERYTHING (well, pretty close). Apparently people have asked them about this and they started stocking some of the herbs that had previously been missing, specially for that. Very good to deal with, too, quick and efficient and answer e-mail inquiries very fast.

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