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Plasmapheresis or ivig in VA


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Hi there,

I've never posted here before but for over a year have read and reread posts here. My daughter is 9 and has PANDAS. I suppose it may be Diagnosed as PANS this year as her flare up was caused by mycoplasma. The reason I am posting is that I struggled to find a doctor or hospital willing to try ivig for us when abx failed. We are close to D.C. but didn't have the funds to pay out of pocket at Dr. latimer. I finally found an immunologist at VCU and we just completed plasmapheresis. We are finally getting our daughter back. It's amazing. I am posting only because I know how desperate and hard the search is to find a doctor, especially one who takes insurance. I wanted to spread the word if there is anyone in VIrginia needing treatment for PANDAS.

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