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  1. Richmond, VA — Dr. Wei Zhao at VCU. Takes insurance. Communication sometimes slow but orders ivig and plasmapheresis depending on case. Changed our lives.
  2. We treat flares with azithromycin regardless of trigger. I will say, we don’t often know the trigger. We think sometimes it’s as simple as seasonal allergies. Apparently azithromycin has an anti inflammatory effect as well. We don’t try to see if the flare will pass on its own (ie if not bacterial and don’t choose abx) because in our experience, we do better to treat it quickly. So much easier to solve when the inflammation is just starting. I will say I think I understand your train of thought with the question— is it’s not bacterial, why would abx work? I struggle with that idea,
  3. We saw immunologist Zhao at VCU Richmond when we were in the worst flare. I noticed you seem to be in that general area so thought I would mention. Good luck.
  4. Our daughter was treated with plasmapheresis in 2017. She has pandas/Pans but not Lyme (we think?). She was typically treated adequately with antibiotics but for whatever reason we couldn’t get that one flare under control with abx or prednisone, so we went looking for ivig. .. The immunologist we found had more success in his patients with plasmapheresis than ivig. Our daughter’s symptoms were severe at this point. It is also often easier to get insurance coverage for plasmapheresis than ivig, which is curious to me. For all these reasons, we went with plasmapheresis, and would do it aga
  5. Amare Global is a MLM, much like LuLaRoe. Please be cautious with these claims and suggestions.
  6. It is Dr. Wei Zhao at VCU/MCV Children's. Our daughter is about 3 months out from plasmapheresis and doing so well.
  7. Hi there, I've never posted here before but for over a year have read and reread posts here. My daughter is 9 and has PANDAS. I suppose it may be Diagnosed as PANS this year as her flare up was caused by mycoplasma. The reason I am posting is that I struggled to find a doctor or hospital willing to try ivig for us when abx failed. We are close to D.C. but didn't have the funds to pay out of pocket at Dr. latimer. I finally found an immunologist at VCU and we just completed plasmapheresis. We are finally getting our daughter back. It's amazing. I am posting only because I know how desperate an
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