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Excitement tic / how to "stop"


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Hi there,


My young fella gets a dry cough when he is running around / gets excited.


He was originally diagnosed with exercise induced asthma, but Ventolin / Singulair didn't really do anything.


We have taken him off both of these (especially Singulair due to hearing about horrible side effects recently)


My question, has anyone had any luck in calming these "excitement tics" down, especially when physically exerting himself.


He has just turned 5.


Thanks :)

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Hi moose_man22, Welcome to the Forums!


This might not seem like a direct answer, but you could go through the list of triggers for asthma and see which ones might be a connection.


Many of these factors can also trigger tics (based on feedback from the Tourette community) and can also aggravate hyperactivity. I suggest you read through to the end, where the document also mentions things like food additives and fragrances.




If you can eliminate as many triggers as possible, then the threshold for reacting to excitement could be raised. Does the doctor already have you on a plan to reduce allergens in the home and watch for food triggers?

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Hi Sheila,


Thanks for your reply.


Yes, a few years back he was diagnosed with excercise induced asthma, but now that we seem to be heading down the transient tic / TS path, I am convinced that asthma preventer didnt do anything for him at all.


I do believe he has allergies (tested positive for dust mites / rye grass) and we are starting him on a compound formula from the pharmacist after doing extensive testing. We have also been doing magnesium, salt baths, iron (he is iron deficient), etc. It has "settled" his system down to some degree. We are looking at starting essential oils as soon as they arrive (young living, waiting on shipment from the US, we are in Australia).


You haven't heard of anything that helps settle excitement tics specifically though have you?


He also does a sniffing tic, which seems to almost cause the coughing tic to occur.


Thanks for your input :)

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Hi -- you mentioned in a separate post (here) that there was a very significant candida problem based on testing. Are you able to get a prescription for an antifungal to treat this? (Like nystatin or diflucan in the US). I know you mentioned an herbal preparation. Has your son been taking tha and do you have any way to know if it is helping? It's important to attack the candida seriously.


Am also wondering if you have dust prevention in the bedroom beyond the filter you mentioned elsewhere? Does he have dust covers on his bed and pillow, and is bedding washed frequently in hot water? (In unscented detergent).

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Hi Sheila,


We were trying a candida treatment called Korolex (http://www.kolorex.com) but he was unable to swallow and to put the pierce the capsules and get the liquid out isn't nice as the liquid is extremely spicy. Out naturopathic doctor seems to think the pomegranate / bark / hull "formula" should work?


In terms of If the candida treatment is working - I am not sure. How would anyone actually know if an internal candida treatment is actually working? I have noticed his bowel movements are a lot more normal / solid - this could be to do more with a change in diet I think as it was happening before the candida treatment.


In regard to bedroom, he has dust mite doona and pillow covers. All bedding is normally washed in cold water so will try the hot water from now on.


Other than this, I am not sure what else to try

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