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Good morning,


Tomorrow afternoon we have DD9's 504 Meeting. Rather than just signing the old one we have opted for a meeting to discuss. Dd is doing fairly well. Our major issue is that the 504 states notification of strep in class. It didn't happen. She started monthly IVIG in November of this year. While trying to keep school absences to a minimum ... She was missing 2-3 days per month for IVIG alone. We would send her back .... And there was strep in the class. In her class alone I believe there were 12-15 case with multiple kids getting it multiple times. We were notified once. 😳 It felt like we were flushing $$$ down the toilet.


Anyone have any suggestions for things that we need to have stated in the 504????? If you have a 504 for your child - what is helpful. Dd9 has PANDAS, Lyme, Bartonella, and Mycoplasma. We are 4+ years into this and IVIG is helping her heal.





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Were the parents in the class notified to tell the school when there is strep? We have a letter sent out at the beginning of the year (and repeated again when lots of strep shows up) that notifies the classroom parents that there is an immune compromised child in the class and they need to be notified if there is strep - we also list ALL of the other things caused by strep (scarlet fever, etc..) since most folks don't realize strep causes other illnesses.


We found by providing that letter, most parents were cooperative. And while the letter is anonymous and doesn't identify my child, as the year progresses (and I'm not shy talking about PANDAS!) most class moms know it's us and start to reach out to me directly - which is helpful.


That being said, our principal this year never sent out the notices and we weren't getting notified as often - but thanks to parents who knew us, they were still reaching out...


And as for the advocate- I agree. We have had to hire an attorney to deal with our principal (school district is great, teachers are awesome, principal is a piece of work).

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