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I think this has helped.

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Just wanted to share something that has appeared to help my DD.


We went to a German integrative doc who prescribed homeopathic belladonna 30c nodes, bee propolis, angocin and weleda bolus eucalypti.


We added high CBD hemp oil, resveratrol and emulsified ADP oil of oregano.


Daily she takes 5 drops bluebird silver CBD five drops 1 or two times daily, 20 drops Hanosan bee propolis 3x a day, 2 angocin 3x a day, bolus 3x a day just a dab.



At the first sign of irrational emotional behavior (her PANDAS symptoms starter always a symptom of impending strep) we dose her with 5 nodes belladonna-once, and 5 drops CBD oil, one Garden of Life Resveratrol (Japanese Knotweed ). Continue other therapies. This has worked 3 times now. She did NOT go on to develop strep PANDAS symptoms went away. The flares have lasted 1 hour tops, this has happened about 3 times over the last three weeks, which is a huge improvement for us.

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