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  1. Hi, Apologies if this is a rehashed topic. Does anyone know of a Dr. or practitioner in the Chicago are who can interpret 23andme/MTHFR? Or a practioner who does this via Skype? Thank you.
  2. Also compare lyme and Bartonella symptoms. Many kids here started with PANDAS or PANS and ended up having Lyme and especially Bartonella being the cause of the symptoms. Strep can be a coinfection.
  3. Bartonella. It's an epidemic. Causes OCD, rage, headaches, sore throat, neck pain, rash (like stretch marks or bumps) tons more symptoms. Caught from fleas, ticks, cats, dogs, lice.
  4. Hi, We are looking for an independent insurance policy that would actually cover some of this stuff like labs, etc, and dare we wish abx? Any ideas? We will probably be living in Georgia full time, but right now we are in Chicago. Thanks!
  5. I agree with Rowing Mom, my DD gets tonsillitis every 18 days, sometimes strep sometimes not. Positive Bartonella test. We started treating the Bart and Lyme with combo abx and herbs approximately 3 weeks ago. She has gotten tonsillitis while on Augmentin. This last fever/throat cycle only lasted 2 days instead of the usual 3-5. Her PANDAS symptoms have continually been going down since we started taking Japanese Knotweed, High CBD Hemp Oil, Burbur/Pinella, liposomal vitamin C, Oxylent, Bowellia Serrata over the past 9 months. I have heard it's a long road to recovery, so I am hop
  6. When my daughter was at her absolute almost worst, she let me do this. It helped tremendously. About two months after she was at her absolute worst and she was WAY too anxiety ridden to let me do it. I think she might be open to it again at some point. She is really tired of being sick.
  7. Can you tell me more about your children. My son was tested this summer with a +Bartonella test with Dr. B's office(working with his partner Dr. K). We started on Arithro and Bactrim and I saw an overall increase in his tics( with ups and downs) over the 1.5 months he was on these meds. In the meantime with did Igenex testing. We just got the results last week and they came back negative for Bart, inconclusive for Lyme, and + Erlichiosis. I am totally confused! The doctor could not explain the inconsistency. Prior to the recent results she did suggest switching to Doxy in case we were d
  8. Our daughter had 10 or 11 cases of tonsillitis (strep and non strep) before we tested for lyme and Bartonella. Both positive. Strep is EVERYWHERE, your kid and my kid and are just open to catching it. I would test. I wish I would of tested months ago.
  9. It seems more than coincidental that so many PANS/PANDAS kids have positive Bartonella tests . My kid's came back positive the first try. Not happy to have such an infection, but it helps to know what infection to fight.
  10. Hi, Well we got a script for 21 days for Mino and Ripfampin. Not sure whether it is going to be extended. Also using Biocidin protocol, and ordered Buhner herbs in case the abx is not extended and cannot find a Dr. This is an acute infection, why is this so difficult?
  11. Be careful with l-glutamine. It is related to glutamate and Bartonella uses it to reproduce. Our daughter flares in the extreme from high glutamate, l-glutamine foods.
  12. One thing you might try is to get the doctor to prescribe an antibiotic that fights lyme the next time, then try testing. This will bring out the lyme antibody and you will be more able to get a true test result.
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