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Where to donate for PANDAS research?

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There are several great places to donate depending what your focus is. I donate to two groups: pandasppn.org and pandasnetwork.org.


Pandasppn.org focuses on sponsoring clinical research and research grants associated with pans/pandas - it's more focused on medical professionals. Pandasnetwork.org sponsors research, research symposiums, and provides parent support services and outreach.



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Since I buy so much stuff for my kiddo from amazon.com, we donate through their site. A percentage of every order we make goes to Pandasnetwork.org.


You can sign up to have them as your go to charity here: http://smile.amazon.com/gp/chpf/change/ref=smi_cyc_pf_redirect?ie=UTF8&ref_=nav_youraccount_cyc#q=PANDAS&page=1&ref=smi_se_cycsc_srch_cycsr&orig=


I hope that works anyway :). If it does not, look under your "account" and choose a charity or google it.

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