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Great video by a physician explaining vaccine safety studies...watch and share!

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"Some parents reject the current vaccine schedule. This video includes a selective review of issues and studies that may contribute to parental concerns. The "vaccine court" and the Omnibus Autism Proceeding are discussed. The accusations against Dr. Andrew Wakefield and the lack of evidence he commited fraud are reviewed."

"Why do parents refuse to vaccinate their children?"

This video needs to go viral...it deserves millions of views.

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eamom, you are probably already aware of this, but just in case, thought I'd give you the link. It's "An Open Letter to Legislators Currently considering Vaccine Legislation from Tetyana Obukhanhch, PhD, Immunology:"




I am not anti-vaccine per se, but now that the government has made it where the vaccine makers are not liable for anything, I am very worried about what is going on. In my opinion, when the "pro" position on ANY issue has to resort to hate and calling people ignorant, there is usually something they are hiding. And all of our media are bought off due to pharmaceutical ads. This is not a safe situation.


Here's a link to recent baby deaths in Mexico. Vaccines were stopped. It was kept very quiet hear in the U.S. media, and sounds like it is getting swept under the rug now. I don't think we should stop all vaccinations, I do believe some have saved lives, but the early schedule and the number is getting ridiculous, and the "pro" side tell us they are safe for everyone, and that is simply a lie. Let's be honest and let the real science and statistics be told.


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