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Mycoplasma antibodies question


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My daughter's bw just came back high in this, so I've been reading lots of pages about it. If you're talking about IgM, I *think* I just read somewhere that the half-life is about 5 days, so I am guessing in a normal situation, it should begin to go down relatively quickly.


Just reading though....still sifting thru info...

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Hi, DD's titers for mycoplasma are: IgG @ 2.25 and IgM @ 4181. Her dr. says it's the second highest he has ever seen :(:(.


She has been dealing with these issues since Nov. 2009, and this is her first bw, so we don't have a pattern for those numbers yet, but I'm trying not to freak out with how high they are.


He is treating with clindamycin and rifampin. He also suggested the supplement Transfer Factor PlasMyc.


I am currently researching the following supplements to possibly add or alternate with the abx. I have anecdotally noted that she seems to calm down when she has lots of garlic (she loves garlic!), so I am looking at a pill form....again, I'm just at the beginning stages of examining all this stuff I have pulled from various forums/sites:


colloidal silver

diatomaceous earth

garlic supplement

oil of oregano

olive leaf

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How do you use the oils? In a carrier oil? Do you have a link for the fb page?


Her symptoms have always been mainly rage (often diagnosed as ODD) and very bad sensory issues. All senses are heightened often to the point of pain for her.

Hi aba.,

same here ...our symptoms are mostly rages and odd like behavior. We do all kinds of stuff with oils, we take it as a pill , we diffuse it and also do rain drop massage. The oils suppose to cross bbb and also are great at dissolving biofilm .

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