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  1. Biaxin which is supposed to br the best for myco did nothing to both of my kids . We check igm every month to make sure that antibiotics are working. Kids igm raised after 2 months of biaxin.
  2. As far as Strep goes , my both kids had negative bloodwork but positive swabs with no symptoms of strep. There are some kids like this . So maybe your son was positive for strep at some point , you could have missed it . But sounds like Pans to me. Did you watch any youtube videos of Dr Triffileti ? He talks about this titters , and how some kids don't show positive strep on bloodwork.
  3. Thank you for your reply, what brand are you using? I was thinking of Host Defence .
  4. I am looking into Cordyceps for my two kids with myco/pandas. Read Buhner's book . I see your post of 2013 . Did you end up trying it ? Any results? Thank you.
  5. Did the dr check for any other infections beside strep . You can have mycoplasma and have no symptoms of it which is one if the major triggers . Also some viruses.
  6. It is one of the PANDAS/PANS charachteristics .
  7. You mentioned that Mycoplasma was high. It can take s long time on antibiotics to clear that as it is a big PANS trigger. We were for a 30 days on very strong antibiotics Biaxin and my Dd's igm numbers went down only 40 points. What was your son's myco igm?
  8. Yes, IGG were >5 . We are on Azythromycin and using essential oils for myco that are supposed to dissolve biofilm. Beerae22, were you Daughter's IGM going down?
  9. Hi aba., same here ...our symptoms are mostly rages and odd like behavior. We do all kinds of stuff with oils, we take it as a pill , we diffuse it and also do rain drop massage. The oils suppose to cross bbb and also are great at dissolving biofilm .
  10. Could someone explain , please. My DD's myco IGM were 3280 on Feb 9th. She had 3 rounds of Azythromicin and now we rechecked it on March 12 . Her IGM came back 2380. So, I am not sure if she still needs antibiotics . How should I read her numbers? Did we beat the infection , and her numbers will be going down slowly . Or she still have myco pneumonae? How long does it take for IGM to go back to normal which is less then 770. I am all confused. Any advice will be greatly appreciated, Thank you.
  11. Malealuca oil ( tea tree oil) , peppermint oil , oregano are very beneficial for mycoplasma .
  12. Hi, your dd's titers are pretty high . There is a facebook pandas page and there are tons of info there as well. What are her symptoms?
  13. SSFKAT, how high is your DD's titers? My dd just came back what I think is very high ( bot not sure what are the relationship between the numbers and the length or severity of infection). my dd's IGG ARE 3297 AND IGM is <5 What are you treating it with?
  14. Hi Stacestar! I mostly read the posts here but wanted to comment on this one. My dd6 also when has a bad cold with some fever would stop ticcing . I would give her ibuprofin but when her fever goes away in a few days she would go back to have tics even if i give her ibuprofin . I did some research and i might be wrong but from what i understand running a fever is a healthy immune response that is why it is not attacking the brain . I noticed this with my daughter in about 4-5 colds but only when she used to run fever . Now if she is sick she doesn't run fever anymore at all , which indicates t
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