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Pandas Physicians Network website - who knew?

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WOW! How exciting! This is great, and, no, I've never seen this before. I will tell my dd's pediatrician about it. What a great resource. I would recommend anyone to go to this website to find out more about PANS/PANDAS. This should be PINNED here on Latitudes.

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The site is awesome. Its copyrighted 2014 - its pretty new. Its kind of exciting....heretofore all the sites have been parent patient initiated or single doctor (with just a page...) the site is very polished, easy to navigate...


The list of its members its great...although I don't see Agalliu on there...hmmm they are asking for funding for him on one of there pages, they should get his name on there too...


Thanks so much for posting and finding!

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