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For thoses whom are still sitting on the fence....

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More on my saga...I am now about one week into a dairy free gluten/dairy (casein)/egg for both my children. 2 1/2 weeks really, but it took me 2 weeks to realize my mistakes.


My non Pandas child: Today, he had his second CBT session. After the session, the therapist said, and I quote, "I have to admit, I was very skeptical about food allergies, the research is not there. However, I can not deny the difference in your son. He is a completely different child that I met last week". She is re-opening her mind.


Pandas child: His reading has jumped up big time. His focus and ability to dissect words have taken him to grade level.


While Pandas is an entity all on it's own, I have to believe that food allergies are also playing a role into his ADHD symptoms. Maybe, maybe not. This will be interesting.

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Look, I was 1 foot in and 1 foot out for a year before we made the plunge. It was August of last year that we went GF. On the 6th day we saw a major change. I am true believer...and it's not that hard to do, once you get the hang of it. After that we tested (scratch) again for allergies and his poor back looked like Shrek! He is allergic severely to many, many environmental pollens and molds and his food allergies are also quite prevalent. By taking away the exacerbating allergens, the immune system is not overtaxed as severely, leaving it more ability to work in other areas and creating less "overload". We now do low dose allergy shots. The serum is compounded by Dr. B's office in CT, sent Fedex to me, and I have an allergist here in NC who gives DS the shots weekly. This is the 1st Spring/Summer season that he has held steady and not blown sky high with flare. He still reacts to outdoor allergens and has very minor responses, but noting noticeable to anyone other than myself. I am SO thankful to the ladies that helped me get started! The FB sites Dietary Tightrope" and "Special Diets for Awesome Kids" are great - run and attended by very helpful ladies!!!

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I'm glad you are seeing changes with the diet. My son has been gf/df for 3 weeks and I am not seeing any changes. However he has no food allergies or blood test that are positive for celiac or gluten sensitivity. I've been told and have read if this is the problem, then changes can be seen within 2 weeks. We have not stopped the diet yet and want to continue doing it for awhile longer. Our doctor has told us it is much easier on the digestive and immune system.


I would encourage anyone to try the diet. The first week was the roughest and I have found several wonderful recipes that my family enjoys. I was truely surprized by things I found in the store there were gluten free. According to the new labeling laws after September 2014 if a product is labeled gluten free the company has to stand behind their product. Even through my son is not showing improvements with his worse syptoms, I am hoping the diet is boosting his immune system.


Glad to hear the new diet is helping your child Qannie. Keeping a good diet going is hard work but worth the effort if you are seeing results.

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We are considering taking the big step. Are there other internet sites that are helpful? I have a very demanding, high stress job and I do very little actual cooking. I get home late and we usually do quick easy dinners. I can use all the help I can get. Thanks so much.



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The sparkspeople website has very easy gluten free recipes with calories counted, When in doubt about a product, check out the product website online. I started very simple with fresh fruits, veggies, and my George forman grill. Betty Crocker has a good brownie and cookie mixes that are gluten free. I use the gluten free noodles and make my own sauces. Progresso has gluten free chicken and wild rice soup and gluten free cream of mushroom soup that I use in recipes. For bread I have Rudies and made french toast sticks that were really good. KIng Author's flour website has gluten free recipes. The blueberry muffins made from their baking mix is very good.

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dedee -- your children seem old enough to start cooking some simple stuff. get a rice cooker, make a lot of rice and . . . stuff. Grill is your best friend -- grill tons of sausages and freeze them.

oven, too -- potato and carrots with a chicken seating on top. half the potatoes and cook at 420 for an hour and 15 minutes. add water at the beginning.

pork cutlet and salad.

asian stores are god sent -- but read labels.

Stews over the weekend.

What I do to make things really easy is rotate 10 simple recipes. Mexican, Indian, Chinese, Sushi, and so on

But, yes, if you have a stressful demanding job, someone needs to help you.

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Our naturopath had recommended DS go gluten free, so he has been for almost a month (except yesterday when he had an ice cream sandwich after soccer - my bad!). I haven't seen much difference in him - he was not tested for allergies, but as she explained it, all these GMO wheat is super bad for him, and the sugars are feeding the bacteria. She also wants him dairy free and sugar free now. So I'm using xylitol and stevia more now, gradually working our way there. Being GF is not so hard since DH has been for 1.5 years. The dairy free will be tougher since he likes pizza and cheeseburgers and ice cream. :P

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I was surprised that my ds tested allergic to Eggs, more so to the egg white. I have to say, that when I eliminated eggs, for my son, 3 days later, I saw the differences...NO ANGER! The reading Was this a coincidense? Maybe, but while he is mod/high to gluten/gliadin, his highest scores off the charts were to the milk and egg white.


Gluten on a shoestring is a good website.


However, I have found by just converting/swapping regular recipes have worked best.


My favorite finds: Gluten Free Oat flour: I have used basic recipes for cookies, scones, etc..and added extra baking powder. The results have been great.


Egg substitute: ground flax seed mixed with water 1:3 ratio. So far worked well in banana bread.


Any other recommendations for substituting eggs would be highly appreciated.

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My ds is in his teenage years. He's 14 and yesterday he had a endless appetitie. I suspect his body is trying to take another growth spurt and it does indeed look like he's getting taller. Can anyone suggest something that I could serve that would be more filling during these spells? I have been giving him peanut butter and that helps some. I know that the right fats are important and can make you feel full. I have also been experimenting with coconut oil.These spells last for about 2-3 days and than his appetite is back to normal. Any suggestions?


I'll check out the gluten free oat flour and gluten on a shoestring website.


EDIT: Just wanted to include these recipes websites.


Betty Crocker's gluten free chicken nuggets are good and Alison's yeast bread (gluten free) on Celiac.com is a good recipe. Be sure to read comments because you do need to let this bread do a second rise. I have also been told this makes a wonderful pizza crust. Use part of the dough for bread sticks and part for pizza crust.I will be trying this out this weekend. You must let the crust bake for 10 minutes before adding toppings.

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My favorite website for baking is

Elana's pantry

I also have all 3 of her cookbooks, she uses primarily almond flour, coconut flour, coconut oil, honey,

but I LOVE her food. And, there are not a million ingredients to purchase.

My favorite products for dd to purchase in the grocery store:

Udi's bread, bagels, dinner rolls. You thaw and eat them fresh. They also have muffins.

Amy's frozen food has a microwave organic GF/CF/SF macaroni and cheese that is good.

Those are my secrets.

One more:

I used to buy frozen online products from

Kinnikinnick Kinnikinnick

all is made fresh, then cold shipped to you for only $10.

They are Canadian, but ship USA.

I don't use them anymore since so much is now available in the grocery stores,

but there it is.


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Update. My now gluten/dairy/egg free ODD child. Last 6 days since I noticed improvement:(week 2 1/2) No intense tones, No mean behaviors, No opposition. I mean none. Smiling a lot. Please/Thank you's at least 6 times a day...Is happy that I am happy with his behavior (appeared to care less about my reaction in the past with behavior mod prog).


I am stunned. Stunned. This is not a fluke. I have not seen these positive behaviors since he was 2.



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