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Doctor wants links to PANDAS info...

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I'm so grateful for the advice I've gotten so far from so many of you who are much more experienced than I with all the PANDAS info. My ds went to the pediatrician today. The dr asked me to send a link about the Cunningham Panel as well as any other recent Pandas medical research. Does anyone have some quick links that would be valuable to send to her?

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Here's the Moleculera site. It also has lots of PANDAS info, as well as info about the test:http://www.moleculera.com/research/


Here's some basic info from the IOCDF (compiled by Dr. Jenike of Harvard) http://www.ocfoundation.org/PANDAS/


PANDAS network also has lots of information http://pandasnetwork.org/testing_outcome/diagnostic-tests/



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Doctor's Q&A Breakfast at Northeast PANS/PANDAS conference:


http:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhKbxc2c_m0


Your have to delete the space that I inserted before the www because if I didn't add it, then it imbedded the video, and I think you just want copies of links.

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NIMH did have a good page up a while back (which is probably what 4nikki meant to post). Apparently it got accidentally removed. Swedo is aware of this (mentioned it at the recent CA conference). However it has not yet returned!


Unfortunately the FAQ page, which should have been removed years ago, is still there.

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