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High ASO and tics


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My 6 year old son has had tics since age 4. There have been periods of several months with no tics, but they have come back more than ever about two months ago. They include throat clearing, a short humming noise, and the newest one, face scrunching. Over the last couple of years we have been to various specialists with no answers. We moved recently so we got a new pediatrician. Explained the history to her and asked her to run some blood tests. I specifically asked for the ASO titer because I had read about pandas and my wife had strep recently. The pediatrician was skeptical but agreed to run the test anyway. The result came back at 760. Haven't met with the pediatrician yet, but that seems very high from what I have read. However, he hasn't had diagnosed strep in about 2 years.


He also doesn't seem to have OCD symptoms. Just the tics.


How indicative of pandas is a high ASO?



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I'd do a throat swab when ever anybody around him has has strep. The thing w/ titers is that they may indicate a past infection or exposure. A huge percentage of PANDAS/PANS kids get strep infections w/o any typical symptoms, so not necessary to have a sore throat, fever, etc. And you may have some OCD that you don't know about- the less severe obsessions/compulsions may seem like quirks or phases, and many times kids will hide them because they don't want people to think they are weird.

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Most PANDAS/PANS Drs would address those ASO titers. As peglam mentioned a lot of our kids are asymptomatic and only show neurological symptoms to strep. As you read on this forum you will find the tics may be due to a variety of infections,allergies and food that have rendered the immune system dysfunctional. our Immunologist says it is the innate immune system that is collapsing.


There is great info on this forum. Use the info to be informed with the Dr. Most Drs don't have a handle on this. PANDAS has only been studied since the 90's (coincidentaly when we started GMO food) and that is like 48 hours in the medical world. They just haven't seen patients like our kids and may have difficulty understanding the correlations.

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A 760 ASO is definitely considered high.


I'd try to find a pediatrician or pediatric neurologist who is knowledgeable about PANDAS. The lists on this forum are a good place to start. But if they don't list anyone in your area, don't give up. I found knowledgeable doctors in my area by asking with local parenting networks.


Edited to add: Good luck!

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