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Grapefruit seed extract is doing something

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Dd8, following in the footsteps of dd11 has become incredibly rageful. Like dd11, he has lyme/Bart/babesia. He had very high titers for ebv (igg). Until now, he has been hyper with clothing sensitivities, OCD, and periodic inability to handle any frustration.


He has responded to some things that I don't often see mentioned. Like, for a while, lysine knocked out his extreme anger, but then that stopped working. 5 days ago we started grapefruit seed extract, and it has calmed him, no question about it. He can still be hyper and uncontrollably silly, but it completely took the anger away and brought back sweet.


Last night it started to wear off toward the end of a long day, and he fell asleep without the gse. This morning he woke up with anger x10. Advil calmed him some, but he was just downright mean--calling me a dummy, a jerk, yelling at me in the meanest voice--he did not hit me, but I could feel it coming--he has never done that before, but he was furious--over basically my presence.


I know that gse can be helpful with yeast and probably breaking up biofilms....but specifically, with the biofilms I'd expect a herx instead of rapid improvement. Is there another reason it could be helping?


Also, he was so out of control today that I called one of the PANDAS immunologists that we have seen, and they had just had a cancellation and can take him tomorrow. I'm starting to pack. Here's hoping the second kiddo will have an easier fix.

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Yeast was my first thought, as you mention a decline in silliness, hyperness and rage. Ask for a month of nystatin when you see the dr. Diflucan works too, but is harder on the liver. We've done both. I prefer nystatin as a gentler option.

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I thought yeast as well.


I have found this particular website on yeast very interesting and is often referred from other websites with an integrative approach. I have not considered any of the products yet as we are having success with other forms of treatment/supplements for yeast. I also read recently that yeast can become resistant to Diflucan.



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Lysine I believe is good for Herpes. Our DS 3rd flare had a lot of rage. You worded it so perfect...Just for being present. I had to call my husband and tell him.


I would definitely have him run titers on Herpes 1,2, and 6. Herpes 6 was the monster in my DS. Valcyclovir was the magic. Our Dr. treats any titers 4x normal. He is at normal now.


I have used GSE for MRSA and the culture came back clean. Could it have been die off the Liver couldn't clear?

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