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VDR not included in 23andme test

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I have just received my daughter's 23andme test and there is nothing showing results on VDR and I see everyone else having some sort of reading on it. There are no VDR listings at all. Isn't there supposed to be? I don't even know what they are indicators of, but I see everyone else talking about them.

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Have you run your raw data thru geneticgenie.org? Follow the steps in this thread and it should give you your VDR status (23andMe does test for this).

http://www.latitudes.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=3928&page=2 read post #18


23andMe keeps moving the "download raw data" option around on the menu. Currently, go to the upper right corner of the home page where your login name appears. Click on your name and get a drop down menu and select "browse raw data". When you get to that screen, in the same upper right corner, you'll see the option to download your data. Follow the instructions on the above thread from that point.


VDR is the gene that enables your body to take Vitamin D3 and convert some of it to dopamine (D is also used by the immune system and bone strength, but VDR is the gatekeeper for how much goes toward dopamine - at least that's my layman's understanding). If you have a VDR Taq mutation, you don't make as much dopamine as you would if you had no mutation. So your initial assumption would be that you'd need to supplement extra D3. However, your COMT gene plays a role in how quickly your body degrades dopamine. So you need to look at the status of both genes before making any decision about supplementing Vitamin D and how much. The heartfixer document link in the above instructions goes into great (and confusing) detail on this. Be prepared to re-read it many times before it starts to make sense. But excess dopamine can be a problem in our kids, which is why it gets discussed often.

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Thank you so much! I did not see anyone responded til now since as a newbie I didn't have my notifications turned on. I had used a different website to interpret the raw data, so now I have the VDR Taq results I couldn't see before. She is (+/+) for VDR Taq. All her COMT's are (-/-). So I guess VitD is a good idea? But I still need to read all the research you pointed me to.

Thanks again!!!

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