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Found 6 results

  1. Hello to all of the incredible parents and caregivers on this forum. I am new here and found this forum through extensive google searches, which always brought me back here and to several of you who have posted extremely helpful information. I cannot than you enough for sharing your stories. My 5.5 YO son has TS, vocal and motor tics for a year. We have followed similar diets (GF/DF/Nut Free) to many of you here and he also has severe tree nut allergies with anaphylaxis, which seems to be a common thread with TS kids (allergies/OCD/ADHD). We've been on a quest for the past year to fi
  2. I am confused about the 23andme results for my DS's vs. Their OATS or ONE test results. They were both homozygous for COMT suggesting supplementation with hydroxy B12 but their nutrievaluations indicated their levels for B12 are fine. So does that mean I should not supplement or does it mean they need more than the average person? Also, they were both homozygous for the GAD1 gene, indicating high glutamate and low GABA and to supplement with Taurine, The anime, NAC, Glycine, VitaminB3. But when tested, my youngest DS was very high in Taurine already. So I am not sure if that means I should avo
  3. I have just received my daughter's 23andme test and there is nothing showing results on VDR and I see everyone else having some sort of reading on it. There are no VDR listings at all. Isn't there supposed to be? I don't even know what they are indicators of, but I see everyone else talking about them.
  4. Just got back my results from 23 and me. DH's got stuck in the machine and haven't come out yet. Very interesting--for one thing, I am the one with the homozygous MTHFR mutation (yikes! who would have known? where did I put that methyl folate?) But the main very interesting thing is how apparently my fairly minor pile of mutations and what must be DH's fairly minor mutations came together to form a child who has homozygous problems in almost every ring in that ubiquitous circle-y Methyl system diagram. Sort of makes me think back to that thread a while ago where we discussed how many of
  5. Hi So we know about Yasko's book and the Web site but were wondering if anybody here knows Of a Dr. who is a methylation expert. Many thanks for sharing.
  6. Guest


    Who knows how to decipher this stuff, medically speaking? Just wondering if I could see someone local though I've studied it and don't really see much of anything. There were a few sensitive to this medication and 23% risk for gallstones but nothing of much value. Also said risk of obesity which I find hard to believe as my entire family is too thin actually. Bizarre. Not good to hear when you've had anorexia and bulimia. Anyways, still trying to find a local PCP but none accept medicaid. There is one NP, female, who treats lyme and CFS and lupus supposedly but not sure if she'd be a
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