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Enhansa is the brand that gets a lot of good press - Lee Silsby is the compounding pharmacy. Covered by insurance, costs about $30.


Many love it and have been able to move away from motrin. Neither of my kids does well on it. One has a CBS mutation, so can't handle the added sulfur in curcumin. Makes her very moody, up and down. The other has an MAO-A mutation, meaning the rate at which his body degrades dopamine is inhibited. Curcumin is an MAO-A inhibitor, meaning it too slows down the rate at which your body degrades dopamine. (making it a potentially mild anti-depressant). So for him, curcumin compounds the inhibition and leaves way too much dopamine hanging around, which makes him very quick tempered and angry.


So as with most things, it's an individual thing. Could be awesome, could be problematic. You may just have to give it a try to know.


If you do use it, start low dose - 250mg/1 pill per day for a week, then go up to 2 pills/day. Some move up beyond that. Because it's a natural MAO-I, don't take it if you're taking an anti-depressant without discussing with your dr. and don't take things like cold meds or cough meds if the label says anything about MAO-I's.

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I will have to call my insurance company. Interesting that it could be covered. I thought it was a supplement but if its an rx that's a while different ball game. Thanks for the input!


For those of you who are on it, do you also take ibuprofen? Can you take them together?

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