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Need quick advice--final shot in Hep series for 11 yo?

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I got an email from the school nurse pointing out that the third shot in the hepatitis series is required for students in our district by 5th grade. My son just entered fifth grade this year and I had forgotten about it. She needs a medical exemption or proof of an appointment to get the shot by the end of the day.


He has had 2 IVIGs from Dr. K--in summer of 2010 and summer of 2011. He still flares up when he gets sick or is around lots of sick people, but in a mostly controlled way. He is on daily Augmentin and motrin.


I don't remember what the current medical advice is and what the view is on the hepatitis shot at this age in particular.



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Our doctor said no more immunizations for our kiddo, and I believe he said this before her titers were drawn based on her being a PANDAS kiddo. However, I must add our kiddos titers are through the roof for all but one thing anyway. She is actually being treated to lower her titers for rubella. Have you had your kiddos titers drawn yet? It is a good idea to do so as that removes any doubt of "need."


Our doc does not want to write a letter of medical exemption because he says all physicians who are doing so are being looked at very closely. In my state, an exemption is easy to get, so I do not want to put any more pressure on him than he is already under for being a PANDAS treating doc.

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You need to decide what is right for your child. Is it for Hep B? Because Hep B is contracted through unprotected sex or by sharing dirty needles. If you think your 5th grader might do either of these things any time soon, then it might make sense. (Apologies for the sarcasm, but I've always found it ridiculous that infants and children are vaccinated for Hep B without any regard for health status or family history of autoimmune disorders.) A number of parents on this forum have reported that a vaccine(s) kicked off PANDAS/PANS in the first place or caused an exacerbation, so the vaccine is riskier for your son than the general population. If he's still flaring when he gets sick, then his immune system is especially sensitive.


Also, I hope you didn't let that school nurse push you into hurrying. They have no right to give you an end-of-day deadline on something like this. I agree with S&S - it smacks of bullying.

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Personally, my son will never have another vax. Flumist vax set off his first big exacerbation. If you saw what I just saw about vaccines and read, you'd not do them. I'm still reeling from it and trying to digest it all. I've ordered the books. I think you can find some info on I tube. They are lengthy. I watched one.


The Virus and the Vaccine by Debbie Bookchin and Jim Schumacher. (Also on utube, apparently)

Dr Mary's Monkey by Edward Haslam


I watched Dr Tents utube video of a lecture he gave titled The Exploding Autoimmune Epidemic, Dr Tent, It's Not Autoimmune, You Have a Virus. Want to guess where the virus came from? Polio vax.

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