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Ibuprofen dosage -- Please read

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Hi all.


We are on vacation and DS12 is having fun but also a LOT of tics and/or OCD.


I've never tried the ibuprofen route before. Can someone give me recommended dosages and timing for 105 pound kid? Internet access is spotty right now. I'd love any comments.



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Normal adult dosing- normally two tablets, 3x per day. The effect is cumulative, so don't miss a dose. Wean off after 5 - 7 days.


When PANDAS is just starting to flare, we have seen this be very helpful- when already in midst of a flare not so much.


Give it a try, it may at least take the edge off...

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My DS13 is 6'2" 150, he gets 600mg 3x day (every 6 hours), now for 6 months. I hate it but its the only thing I've found that helps, even though its only a 'tiny' help...(Dr.T suggested the dose).

Hope it helps your DS.

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