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Another Rash Question!

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Anyone have any thoughts on this situation?

-Last Friday April 26 our family flew to Aruba for vacation

-Saturday I woke up with itchy rash on inner forearms on both arms(first thought it might be allergic reaction to sheets at resort).

-Our seven year old wakes up with rash on face which progressed to rest of body over the next day.

- Later Saturday our nineteen year old and 22 year old started having rash on face, ears neck and back.

-The older kids and myself had the rash but it never got as bad as the seven year old.

-The rash looked like scarlatina, it could be seen easily but some areas it could be felt more than seen, it felt like a lizard. Red, lightly raised, a little itchy, mine itched worse than the kids.

-None of us felt sick no fever, no sore throat, felt normal. The little guy was a little cranky.


Our 18 year old(PANDAS CHILD) had to fly into Aruba Saturday a day after the rest of the family. When he arrived I could see his tics were acting up and he said his throat hurt and he was stuffy, but no rash or fever. I started him on antibiotics(I go no where without extra antibiotics).


All of our rashes have cleared the seven years face is now dry and scaling.


Could this have been Scarlet Fever on all four of us with no symptoms but rash?

Could it have been a viral rash?

Any other thoughts on what it could have been?


Thanks for any thoughts!


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Because my son developed a rash I was researching. Parvovirus is also known as slapped face or fifth disease. They say it starts on face and then spreads to arms and rest of body. Oddly enough my son started elsewhere and then ended up on cheeks too. They say it can be itchy also which is why I don't think that's what my son has. So hard to know there are many types if rashes. By the time the rash comes out its no longer contagious even though it is highly contagious. Were there any symptoms prior to the rash?

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No symptoms before the rash. The only thing I noticed before we left on the trip is that the 7YO's face looked a little puffy. This time last year he fought strep for over four months and his face was puffy off and on, but then he had typical strep symptoms(fever, sore throat etc).


It could be parvo but 7YO was the only one with red face. The other big kids had rash on face but you could feel it more than see it. Theirs was more on the ears, behind the ears, neck, and back. Mine was mostly on my arms. I took pictures when the rashes were fresh so I could show the doctor if needed when we returned to the states. I may take the 7YO to pediatrician tomorrow and have him tested for strep. The 18YO (PANDAS) is now on antibiotics so I'm guessing his rapid would show negative.



I read that if it is scarlet fever it continues to stay contagious during and after the rash if not treated. Do you know if that is true?

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Dont be sorry for the suggestion of bedbugs, they are possible everywhere, they always cross my mind when we travel. This rash is what I think of with Scarlet Fever except we all felt fine. It is very slightly raised, not bumpy like bites, covered the 7YOs skin almost completely, very ruff, felt like a lizard, and now he looks like one with the flaky skin on his face. I am taking him today for a strep test. I dont know if it will show up since it started 10 days ago and is now gone, but I need to make sure he is negative in hopes of getting the 18YO back to base with his PANDAS. The 18YO reacts terribly when the younger kids have strep. If it is strep at least I know what I am dealing with and can treat it.


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