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Help in Phoenix area?

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I am looking for a doctor or alternative doc who works with patients testing for Pandas, etc. My son has had tics for 5 years but has had on and off anxiety issues including OCD. He also has a diagnosis of ADHD and has some learning disabilities. We have no hereditary Tourettes on either side of the family so I am thinking of finally following through and working on trying new things to help his tics. They have gotten much worse now that he's going through puberty. I live in North Phoenix and am unfamiliar with what is available out there. Thanks!

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How old is your son? There is an excellent pediatrician @ 108th ave. and Indianschool- really excellent- I'd go as far as Flagstaff or Tucson to see him! That practice doesn't take kids over 14, though. But, we also have a neurologist in East Mesa who sees all the PANDAS patients here. I'll get the attention of the support group leaders over here to help also- as they may know more in your area.

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