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Mitochondrial testing

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Don't know about mitochondrial but testing for thyroid antibodies is done to see if there is Hashimoto's or Graves, both autoimmune diseases. I think they typically test for two antibodies--my DS's endocrinoligist said there are more so negative result does not mean its not Hashimoto's. He treated my DS as Hashimotos based on pattern of lab results. Treated is a generous word--he dx'ed him with it then said there was nothing to do until the thyroid died off. (If you read internet on thyroid, you will see how angry many people are about this approach.) Later testing seemed to indicate perhaps not Hashimotos after all. All very confusing. I think weird thyroid things happen with Pandas--Dr. T told us that as well. DD tested below normal on TSH and Dr. T advised further follow up, as he did on low ferritin and iron, but trying to get anyone else interested enough to test seems quite futile...

Ko's Mom

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My daughter tested positive for antithyroid antibodies and has been treated successfully w/ levothyroxine. It has helped her a lot- especially w/ hand cramping. She was having such horrible hand cramps that she'd wake in the middle of the night screaming, with her hands all stiffened in a weird posture. She could not use her hands for anything. That resolved w/ thyroid medicine.

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