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Hi everyone,


not sure what the rules are around here anymore (as far as names etc.) so i will give as little info as possible.

any one of you pro's can then fill in blanks for me if you know what i am talking about, and know what can be said (typed).


for those of us in the boston area, i got a warning about a hospital and pandas. i am sure you can assume which one, we all know it.

but this is really disturbing, anyone can p.m. me for more info.

sorry if i make no sense

good night for now,



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In sure u can post this


Do not take a child with PANDAS to Boston Children's Hospital.


I am working with a family whose PANDAS child was admitted to BCH due to eating issues. This is the second family I have represented within two months regarding BCH with the same fact pattern. In both cases, BCH has immediately told the parents that PANDAS/PANS does not exist, cut off the child's antibiotics, reported the parents to Mass child protective services, and had the parents trailed by guards at the hospital. In both cases, BCH has actively encouraged children's services to remove the child from the custody of the parents unless the family signed a voluntary agreement to place the child in a locked psych unit. I will be in court tomorrow in Boston fighting Mass CPS on behalf of the current family who is trying to retain custody of their child.



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