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DMSO is a solvent with anti-inflammatory properties. It is only approved to treat one condition in the US (interstitial cystitis), but is used on race horses and off-label to treat muscle and joint pains. Supposedly it is used in many other countries for muscle and joint pains as well, but the story goes that it won't be approved for such in the US because it cannot be patented and therefore the big companies can't make money off of it, or at least that's what the people with the tinfoil hats would have you believe.


Anyway, it's supposed to be effective for tendonitis, so I picked some up the other day. But I wanted to run it by this forum first to see if anyone has used it or has any experience with it and see if it has any known neurological effects. I don't want to run the risk of making tics worse. I couldn't find any info online about this but I wanted to ask here anyway.

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