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Which doctor to go?

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I'm deciding between these doctors to begin with before seeing a regular LLMD. These doctors are given as referals from some of the members on this forum. Thanks to them.

anyone else seeing these doctors , please pm me more about these doctors. Do both use ART or another form energy testing. Do they follow Dr Klinghart protocol? Do they also prescribe antibiotics?

Has anyone recovered with these doctors?



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We see Dr M. Yes, he uses ART and has trained with Klinghardt. But he uses a buffet table approach to treatment. He doesn't follow any single protocol but looks at your situation and uses options that seem to fit you best. He uses both herbs and abx. He looks beyond lyme and considers mold, metals, nutritional deficiencies, parasites, pyroluria, etc.


My kids have been with him for 20 months. DS has been symptom-free for two months and we'll be looking at stopping abx in the coming weeks to see if he sustains remission (meaning he'd be done with treatment) or if he regresses (meaning we'd probably look at pulsing abx to go after biofilms or cysts). So fingers crossed that we're at the end of the rainbow - or at least in sight of it.


I don't know anything about the other doctor you mentioned.

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