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So this seems to not be a standard urine test that could be done at his ped office? I will have to ask to see if she will do this. When you dI'd the 24 hour catch what type of container did you put it in? Do they send one for this? Sorry for the silly questions. Could you pm me with your helpful hints. I would like to be prepared before I bring this up to his doctor . Thanks for the info.


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Our LLMD ordered the test for my kids. One parent posted awhile back that Greenblatt missed a Pandas dx on someone - so not sure about any Pandas knowledge. But I liked his book on anorexia and know he embraces an integrative approach to neuropsych issues. Big on the role of zinc and other vitamins/minerals. So I'd suspect he'd be a supporter of testing for pyroluria. But would call his office or send an email to check.


Basically, an ordering doctor needs to set up an account with the lab if you want to order thru Vitamin Diagnostics. I don't believe this is hard to do and suspect most DANs and integratives would use this lab for other tests in addition to the KPU. But it's a urine test. So if you wanted to use the lab Coco mentions, you could do the test yourself.

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