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Hello all


Looking for anyone out there who has successfully used homeopathic products for strep through a Dr. If you could give me the company name that the remedies are from and maybe their names that would be great !


Thanks so much



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We get our remedies from Hahnemann Labs, Washington Homeopathic and Boiron. Search for Hahneman's website to find the website.

I order Bioron from http://smallflower.com or WHP http://homeopathyworks.com.


If you want strep nosodes, you will need a doc or homeopath to call in to OK the order. If you want them without a doc, I think you can

order from Helios. It will take a few weeks to get from here.


We used the strep nosode Streptococcinum for my son that was not responding to the other remedies that the hpath was recommending.

This took his sympotoms almost completely away within minutes. He only needed the remedy for 4 days and then all his symptoms stayed

away. I did need to re-dose him about 3 monhs after that...but the symptoms went away again. Some kids have needed other strep nosodes

such as strep f (which is called sychotic co) to remove the symptoms.


People seem to like Pierre Fontain or Angelica Lemke..but I think they are expensive (too expensive as far as I am concerned).



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