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Post 2nd IVIG-- Abnormal Labs

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I am very frustrated right now. My 13 yo son had his 2nd IVIG with Dr. B last week. Routine labs were drawn which showed the following:


WBC normal, Granulocyte 69.3 % (high) and Lymphocytes 1.11 (Low)

ASO now 400 High (was 226 on 8/15/11 when this recent nightmare started)

DNAase-B 255 (read as nl) -- was 168 on 8/15


Mycoplasma IgG >5 (very high) -- was 0.58 on 8/15

Mycoplasma IgM 26 (nl) -- was .35 on 8/15


I will talk with Dr. B soon, but wondered if anyone had suggestions. My son's PANDAS was EXTREMELY activated both times with the IVIG (he continues to do poorly today).


Is he still infected with Strep despite being on zithromax 500 daily and augmentin xr 1000 twice a day?

Does he have mycoplasma? I know the IgM is supposedly high when there is a recent infection, but also read some kids with autoimmune issue don't mount a response...


All this, and our insurance company continues to deny IVIG (harvard pilgrim)...


Thanks so much,


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Was the blood drawn before or after infusion? This same thing happened to us at Dr. B's office , they drew blood after 2nd day of infusion and it skews the results. My son who does have a mycoplasma issue was greater than 5 the highest it can be. It also showed Lyme even though no other bloodwork ever turne up Lyme including igenex. His aso was 800 too. So with that said I wouldn't worry too much, I would have bloodwork redone if your worried. Dr. B said he doesn't think ivig would interfere with aso but mycoplasma and Lyme would. I am at Dr. B's now and this time we did blood draw first!

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The IVIG's were 8 weeks apart. Thanks for the reassurance re the labs. They drew them on the second day of IVIG-- you would think they would make it standard practice to draw pre-ivig if the labs get skewed; otherwise why draw them?


So if the ASO isn't skewed by IVIG, it shows persistent infection, doesn't it?


Thanks again,


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My daughter had a positive typhoid (!) titer of some sort after her IVIG-- it is really useless for many infectious type tests to draw after IVIG. (I still cannot figure out why the typhoid test was ordered :o:) ) It did make me take a second look at IVIG- it really made me realize that this is parts of other people in her now! Not that I would necessarily change things, but it does make you think.

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