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PANDAS, OCD, Treatment So. Calif.

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My son had Strep Throat Oct. 11, 2011 and quickly exhibited OCD symptoms within a week which worsened as the weeks have passed. He was diagnosed with a severe case of PANDAS thru Dr. Thomas Lin in Irvine and went on high doses of Antibiotics and a Prednisone Steroid Burst but I didn't see much improvement. Prozac did wonders for the Depression and Anxiety (10 mg.) and has improved his mood greatly. The OCD was not getting better though as he has a major fear of contamination so we added Zyprexa to the mix(2.5 mg) which after 1-1/2 weeks got rid of a great deal of the OCD. Unfortunately, he gained 8 lbs. in two weeks so the doctor is now switching him to Abilify(2 mg.). He's only taken it for 1 night at that dose and his OCD returned once he weaned off Zyprexa. Hopefully the Abilify will work the same and kick in within 1 week or so. If not, we might try Risperidone and hope it doesn't cause as much weight gain as the Zyprexa. If the Abilify or Risperidone don't work, we'll have to put him back on Zyprexa temporarily. My son does have elevated EBV Titers so we are trying to figure out a natural remedy to address that. The Strep is completely erradicated but the antibodies did the damage and created this madness. We live in Santa Clarita in So. Calif and there aren't many doctors in the area that are PANDAS experts...please feel free to recommend, especially psychiatrists.

I have heard Dr. Goldberg is a great immunologist but he has a huge waitlist. Dr. Roger Katz is excellent to test and address allergies. Please advise of any input on doctors in Los Angeles County near the San Fernando Valley or Santa Clarita Valley as well as input on medicines. Which medicine or anti-viral addresses elevated EBV test results?. Are there any natural remedies for PANDAS?

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