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So a few people have been helping me get my arms around methylation and I went of the Geek Cliff and jumped into Geek Sea and spent hours enthralled by Amy Yasko's DVDs about all sorts of chemicals and processes I can only barely grasp or pronounce. We've taken baby steps with supplements and I have to say I'm sold. We're about to start methyfolate, which apparently gives you a short honeymoon before knocking your socks off with a detox/herx response, if you're body's been blocked due to a lack of folate. It should arrive in the mail today, just in time to ruin my kids' long weekend :D


But in talking with a few moms, I know it's not an easy process to grasp. I've come across this link from "putting lyme behind you" and thought it might be helpful to anyone who's interested but not inclined to fork out to $$$ for Yasko's DVDs. Because of the potential for serious herxing, it's probably best to try any of this stuff after working with your LLMD and maybe doing a few blood tests. But FWIW...



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Thanks LLM, that was a good read-

It motivated me to be more regular on using nasal B-12 and folate for myself-

I do *think* I have more energy when I do this- just get lazy about it because of all the other stuff I have to take-


Curious- is it saying that by supplementing/correcting the methy. pathway,

the benefit derives from increasing glutathione production?

Because we are already taking glutathione.

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Improve/clear the methylation pathway and yes, glutathione production is one of the (many) benefits. There are two things some doctors don't like about supplementing glutathione. One is that it's poorly absorbed. There might be some advantages to liposomal glutathione and some might get absorbed in the gut to help with gut issues, but only a very little of what you take seems to make it's way to the rest of the body. The second is that glutathione is one of those things (like NAC and melatonin) that when you supplement, your body might stop making as much of it's own. So when you stop any of these, you need to taper down to signal to your body that it needs to start making more of its own again. People like this author think you're better off fixing methylation, which in turn lets the body make more of its own glutathione when and where it's needed.


That's what I've gotten out of this and other articles, unless I'm misunderstanding.

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