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Mycoplasma question

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My son has always tested normal for mycoplasma until recently--IgG 178 (normal=<100). His IgM has always been normal. I had thought I had read that PITAND doctors treat mycoplasma even if the IgM is normal, if the IgG is high. My son recently had a complete GI stool profile done through Metametrix and his mycoplasma came back normal. So is mycoplasma something that I don't have to worry about even though my son's IgG is high? Anyone have any thoughts? Thank you.

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I can speak only to our situation: my son's Myco has steadily been high igg ONLY, for over 1 year. This is originally why he was put on the abx cocktail that is helping so much. Both Dr. B and Dr. E from CHOP agreed that it may be the culprit that kept him from recovering. Dr. E explained it as such when I asked how an "old" Myco could cause the problem. Some people have Lyme and get rid of it with abx. However, they may continue to for years to have pain in certain joints. So even though the Lyme is "gone", there is some media at work that is still mcausing the antibody reaction in the join. This analogy helped me a lot - very simple. So, if we apply it to the "old" Myco,the antibodies may still be reacting to some media that Myco still presents even though the Pneumonia that brought it in is long gone...This is purely the opinion for OUR case - Myco can be transmitted by ticks and other ways aside from our situation with walking pneumonia.

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