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Wow! Good find!


This may be another "chicken or the egg" thing, but the statements in that paper regarding "neuronal death" reminded me of much of what I've read about glutamate in the brain, which also can lead to neuronal death when not properly modulated. So . . . . if astrocytes are becoming "infected," potentially not just by HIV but strep, lyme, myco p, that THAT might be what's leading to not just neuronal death but also excess brain glutamate? I mean, unmodulated glutamate is being linked with all sorts of "abnormal" psychological responses and behaviors, so it seems like a distinct possibility.


When I search "astrocytes and glutamate," I came across this:


Astrocytes and Glutamate


So, in response to eljomom, maybe by modulating glutamate, you can "block gap junction channels or specific signaling pathways," or perhaps the action of blocking those channels or pathways is what results in effectively modulating glutamate in the brain. We've been using lamictal successfully for several months now, and it is thought to block sodium channels and thereby control glutamate release. Maybe this is along those same lines?

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Is NAC a glutamate "modulator"?


Yes, though my very rudimentary, non-scientific understanding of it is that it is via a different mechanism. It doesn't directly impact sodium channels or those "gaps" referred to previously; it is thought, rather, to actually work on glutamate receptors and/or by increasing the amount of glutathione in the brain. And since glutathione is a "neural protectant" and antioxidant that can prohibit the rate of neuronal death, NAC, whatever the ultimate mechanism, is a good thing to consider adding.

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