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strep undiscover


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My son was sick last year and he had extremely high titers.He had various tics (motor and vocals). We treated him with abs as well as changing his diet (no artificial,no MSG, + fish oil, + probiotic , +Epsom salts).

After a couple of months and also the discovery that some food was causing his vocal tics, we eliminate that food, and slowly he began to heal.

From all the things we did, I'm not sure what really helped.


Two months ago, he started having some minor tics, and then he started having this cough, that it turned out that it is a tic too.

Last week we did again the blood tests, and again his DNASE is ~800.

So, probably, he had a strep 2 months ago , that was unnoticeable. He didn't show any sign of sickness.


So I'm back :( , to the long road, trying to discover what will make him feel better.

Can anyone remind me, which abs it is recommended to start?

My pediatrician is willing to help but he doesn't know anything about Pandas.


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