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Do they (immunologists) have standard IgG levels for infants and toddlers?



I'm not sure about that, but I do know that they never ran blood work on my son until the last 6 -9 months because both our pediatricin and Dr. Murphy told us that immune workups that young were "unreliable" and couldn't tell us too much.

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I spoke directly to Murphy/Swedo about the T/A issue as dd12 had them out at the end of her first exacerbation in August 2009 when we could not clear the strep infections after several months. ENT said they had seen a lot of action and were deeply scarred - they were usually red and inflamed. The feedback I got at the conference is that there are *SOME* cases where it is appropriate to remove them.... can't clear strep for months on end, remaining swollen and possibly blocking breathing. In such a case, she said it might be indicated to remove. My dd12 happened to fit this criteria, so I was relieved we had not made things worse. Also, her first severe exacerbation was BEFORE the T/A and actually, part of the reason for it.


However, I came away from her comments with the same impression EAMomdid (lovely to finally meet you, btw :) )... don't rush to remove them; it may make things worse.

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