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microscope drawing

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we have an appt with a tutor on thursday. ds has writing issues -- refusal for the past year - i think based on some trauma at school the year before when it was difficult and was a source of confilct with teacher. i am not sure where ds stands now with it b/c refusal is likely mixture of real trouble and memory of trouble.


anyway, i had mentioned the microscope drawing to the tutor but now don't seem able to find it to bring a copy to show him.


does anyone know where this is so i can show it? thanks!

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Sorry, Smarty. I remember that microscope drawing, too, but now I'm having trouble finding it myself. Was it in Swedo's presentation materials, maybe? So it might be on last year's AO conference DVD? Or maybe it's in this older presentation, as well, that was posted a while back? I've tried looking at the video again myself, but it's a lengthy one and, unfortunately, my available bandwidth here at my office during the day is challenged by the hosts of other users on-line currently. Maybe you could skim through it to see?


ACN Link - Swedo Video


The other suggestion might be to check Dr. K.'s website. He used to have a couple of "before" and "after" drawings posted there, as well. If they're no longer available, let me know, and I can get you a PDF copy of the page that I created several months back; my copy has a drawing of a girl in it, before and after treatment, that might help for illustrative purposes in terms of small motor/writing/drawing abilities during exacerbation versus out of exacerbation.

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nancy and vickie -- as always, thanks so much. i haven't had a chance to see the cunningham presentation yet. i have the one from dr. k's website of the drawing of a girl from 2006. it is also very illustrative of the difference. i thought the microscope was on dr. k's - maybe they took it off with an update or something. i'll see what i can get from the presentation. thanks.


a big thanks also to trudy and jan! i had referred this tutor to the presentation previously. it's so very good to have that as a reference for other professionals. i can imagine it's daunting for a professional trying to help -- this guy said, "i've been trying to learn a little about pandas - but i'm discovering it seems hard to learn a little about pandas."

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