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significance of pathogen life cycles

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what is the value of knowing pathogen life cycles matched with possible symptoms - ie, migraines every 5 weeks. is it for identifying and diagnosing possible pathogens? i just skimmed LLM's - would it be matching pulsing treatments to cyclical symtpoms?


I think there can be several benefits for tracking symptoms. First, patterns might indicate medical cause, no pattern might indicate normal kid behaviors - the things that make all parents pull their hair out. Second, patterns help an LLMD clinically diagnose. And third, I do think patterns can help if you try pulsing.


I don't know that pulsing is widely practiced, except for cyst busting. And I always believed that the reason for that pulse was to give the body a break from herxing (could be way wrong, but I always think of cysts as dormant, and not having a "life cycle" in that they're in hibernation.) The pulsing the article talked about was to erode biofilms, which do have a life cycle (but I don't think the length of that life cycle is known yet), and I don't know what the current thinking is among the lyme docs. It's not something I've seen much talk about, but then, I'm only now just digging into the science of lyme.


Someone on the Pandas forum said their LLMD used pulsing for abx other than cyst busting. E.g. omnicef M/W/F, other abx other days...

Definitely has my interest piqued...zith every day, omnicef every 2-3 days...maybe a stronger dose one week a month...will be a big portion of my next chat with our doctor.


Anyone else have any thoughts or experiences?

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