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Anyone using ADHD meds

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Our pediatrician suggested "investigating" ADHD and treatment for those symptoms even though we're still treating for Lyme/Bartonella/Pandas. My son's lingering symptoms are: ADD stuff, some aggression/anger and emotional lability. Intermittent fatigue. Does anyone use those meds while treating for the Lyme? Don't want to mask any symptoms and don't want him on ADD stuff forever....But I feel bad that he can't participate in any activities because of ADD, so now wondering if those meds would be good to add in.



How do we know the antibiotics aren't causing all the fatigue? Or is it a symptom of the Lyme? Anyone? My little guy is so tired easily.

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abx defiantly made my ds very tired ( he had this issue before but abx made it worse )so my ds's dr added very high dose of B12 and they are working wonders to my son's constant fatigue.( with green tea in the morning) Now about taking ADD/ADHD med, I don't see why you could not try it under doctor's supervision but in my son's case, ( His all pandas/bartonella started as ADD/ADHD like symptoms) one medication led to another and then the other and so on. ADHD meds ( concerta)amplified his OCD so we had to add zoloft like med and then in several years later zoloft activated his rage so we added abilify. It was a lot of work to figure out what worked and what dosage it worked and stuff and in the big scheme of thing, I feel that they did not help my son I would not advise it for long term use like my son but I absolutely agree with you as to why hold you son away from medication that could possibly help your son at his crucial learning stage.

( I don't think those meds damaged my son's brain either)


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Thanks for letting me know. I'll try emptying. but my personal is darlenemcmahon@frontiernet.net


Thanks for the info!





I was trying to PM you but your mail box is full.

Is there anyway I can contact you in private?


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We tried a stimulant 2 years ago before Lyme/Pandas diagnosis - not a good result. LLMD wants meds to help with behavioral/impulse issues but NOT stimulant.


We are trying tenex now (time release form is intuniv - we don't do this form since Aidan does not swallow pills and we crush them) We started giving one half of a 1 mg tablet at bedtime about 3 or 4 weeks ago and then 1 or 2 weeks ago we added 1/4 tablet in the morning. I think he may be calmer but the jury is still out At the end of this week Aidan's teacher will fill out a form that will evaluate whether he has had improvement.


Interestingly we have had a terrible couple of days behaviorwise this week along with a suspected rash as I posted on another thread. Because of the rash, I think it was Lyme and/or Bartonella giving us a flare in behavior so I am wondering how that will skew out opinion of the trial period of the tenex. Does that mean that the tenex isn't working? Or will we determine that the baseline is better.


I will try to post when we conclude on this and as we give it more time after this flare.


We work with a ped nuerologist closely who is prescribing this. She does understand PANDAS and is open to the Lyme treatments for Aidan.

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