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Screwed up dosing I think

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I was giving the 3 pills in the morning. Duh!!! I figured the word "burst" meant give all at once. No wonder she looks awful.


try spreading them out tomorrow and see if she looks a little better. I have a friend who frequently takes steroids for asthma and she actually prefers to take them all in the morning... but I think spreading them out would be better if you can.

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The first taper we gave 2x/day for the first 2 weeks.


The second taper we gave 2x/day for only the first week.


Dosing throughout the day, can be done. I know that I have read the morning dose should be given before 9 am...because that is when the adrenal gland releases the cortisone (I think), so you want to be sure the pred is in your system....I'm going by memory.


Wilma, I just replied in JJMom's thread what our tapers actually were...in case you were curious.

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