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my daughter, 6, has been on bonnie's ts-plus since september. she has been doing pretty good, but has never been really bad either, if that makes sense. however, she is really starting to complain about all the pills...10 a day is alot for her...she has been such a trooper though!! she just finished up a bottle of ts-plus and i promised we could try a new vitamin. so, any suggestions. i have read about kirkman's spectrum complete and kirkman's nu-thera??? is one better for tics? that is our main "thing"...tics! i am scared to try something new, but i just hate seeing her so upset and saying she hates taking so many pills! so, i figure if her tics come back bad, then i at least know ts-plus was working well, and i can get her started on that again! thanks for any advice on vitamins!

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