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Clear blisters on tonsils

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Hi, my dd5 ( non PANDAS) has a cold. I ( as usual) peeked in her mouth to make sure it didn't look too red. I expected it to be red because she has a lot of post nasal drip going on.

Anyway, she has these clear blisters ON her tonsils. Both sides.

Throat looks red but not awful.


I have some rapid tests here I can use in the AM but just wondering if anyone else has experiences this ( when the blisters are not the typical white/strep blisters).


My older dd8 just had T&A 4 weeks ago.

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Maryland mom,


My dd8 ha a T&A in Nov, and I am seeing those clear, very small blister like things in the area where her tonsils used to be. It is still bumpy back there as well, like just bumpy tissue. Do you see those bumps in your dd who had a T&A? Where the tonsils used to be?


My dd has been in an exacerbation for a while now, maybe stating to come out of it, I hope. They are not painful to herand I haven't checked lately - she is still asleep so I can't check now. She has also had white stringy stuff in the very back of the throat, where you see post nasal drip. I did see that post T&A and wonder if it is still draining from the adenoids. Or if it is from milk is my other guess.


Do you mind looking for me and telling me what you see? :)


For your 5yo, I have never heard of clear bumps for strep, maybe something else, or a virus. I do know that little red dots especially on the top of the uvula are strep. Like pin tip size dots, but a fair amount of them.

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The blisters are still there on the non-pandas child. I am assuming virus because she has a clear runny nose and wicked cough,

The thing that is scaring me is that this is my non-pandas child and she has been saying things like " my mind is all screwed up, like I think one thing and then I want something else" and " I cant stop picking off rhis new nailpolish" Weird,


No, I notice nothing weird in my dd8 throat related to the T &A. It is weird to look in there and see,, nothing. No dots or white stringy stuff though.


Though- She has been complinaing her ears itch and a runny nose today......allergies?

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