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Switching from Augmentin to Zith & Mom's titers

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We saw Dr B this week. He recommends switching form Augmentin (875 mg - 2x/day) to Zith (250 - 2x/day) and starting a steroid taper. For those that have switched from Augmentin to Zitho I'm wondering what to expect.


Also, My Antistreptolysin O Ab were 492 on 11/10 after 10 days of Erthromycin 333mg every 8 hours for 10 days Antistreptolysin O Ab was 557 on 11/23. Both were drawn at same lab. I saw an Infectious Disease dr that recommended that I have a Bicillin shot and then recheck the Antistreptolysin O Ab. however, as a child I had a reaction to pencillin resulting in hospitalization (My entire body swelled and I could not walk). So, I have to go to an allergist that does desensitization and then have the Bicillin shot. I have to say I am a little nervous. Dr B recommended trying a different oral antibiotic first (Biaxin 500 - 2 x/day. Just wonderding if anyone has any expereince with this situation.


Would love any input/thoughts.

Thank you,


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I don't have experience with this, but, going to an allergist to desensitize yourself so you can get the bicillan shot sounds like an awful lot to go through when there are other abx available to do the job. I'd go w/ Dr. B's recommend to try biaxin.

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I posted this to the Lyme Forum the other day as we have been dealing with Strep Titers for over a year in my husband. Our LLMD thinks there is something preventing him from resolving the titers and will eventually investigate other issues like viruses, molds, environmental toxins, etc. if Lyme is not the true cause. However, my husband was diagnosed with Osgood Schlatters Disease (very common cause of knee pain in children and young athletes usually between the ages of 10 and 15) when he was 12 and its very possible he has had Lyme since then. Anyway, see my post from the other day below.




My husband had elevated strep titers and was treated over the last 10 months with antibiotics. This past summer 4 out of 5 members of our family were diagnosed with Lyme and my husband is showing IND on some Lyme specific bands. All of my husband's mild Lyme like symptoms have resolved with antibiotic treatment for strep. Two weeks ago we retested his ASO and Anti-DNase-B and just got results this morning.


Dec 09: ASO 283, Anti-DNase-B 680


Feb 2010: ASO 244, Anti-DNase-B 680 (tested after 40 days of antibiotics)


Dec 2010: ASO 244.6, Anti-DNase-B 960


Our LLMD is proceeding with provocation testing to determine if it is Lyme preventing him from resolving the strep. He has not been tested for co-infections yet. They believe the Lyme is hiding due his antibiotic treatments. We will see once further testing is completed.


I'm sure some of you can appreciate our confusion over the issue of strep titers. I am tempted to have our Dr. run Strep Pneumo Titers to see if he too is deficient like our children.



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Both injectable antibiotics and two different oral antibiotics over the course of one week..... we collect urine samples on day 3,5,7 and they look for DNA in urine from die-off. 98% accurate when positive. This is how we unraveled Lyme in our oldest son. He is a low antibody responder and his original Igenex results were negative.

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Yes, you can order test kit via Igenex but you'll need a script for antibiotics (the test itself is not expensive). These are the combo's I have heard of used for provocation in children: Alinia/Omnicef/Azithro or Alinia/Rifampin/Azithro (all size appropriate doses).... For our son they just used Alinia/Azithro.


A good LLMD could assist in many forms of testing not just for Lyme and not just Igenex to help determine if there is any additional bacteria's, parasite's, viruses, molds, environmental toxins, etc.

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