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Found 1 result

  1. Hoping someone here can help me with vetting this company? Sending DS off this summer for three weeks . . . and then hopefully college in a year . . . and staring down the barrel of how do we handle all these supplements? What teenager/college kid is going to take a dozen pills each day without being reminded? So I thought I'd see if I could find a place that would make a custom "multi-vitamin" for us that would contain only those substances we KNOW work well for DS, without any of the extras found in standard multi-vitamins. Found this company and did a little trial "build" of our custom supplement . . . almost seems too good to be true. Apparently, we can get the appropriate amounts of NAC, D3, quercitin, B6, zinc, etc. in a single capsule with a 90-day supply costing approximately $1.37/day! I KNOW that's cheaper than what we're currently spending, and it would reduce the pill intake 10-fold! The only additional items he will need will be fish oil which, I suppose for obvious reasons, can't be compounded here. http://www.vitaganic.com/;jsessionid=A65FAC55874682151477999C5522791A Thanks!
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