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Found 3 results

  1. When your child started on long term antibiotics or IVIG treatment, did your child have more troubles with viruses or infections in the beginning? I'm wondering when a virus or infection that is laying dormant in the body and the body starts responding to the IVIG or long term antibiotics if the body (cells open up) will start releasing these virus or infections. Is this possible? This may sound strange but I am wondering if this is what's happening to my son. He has had past testing that indicated strep antibodies and other viruses were present. His Anti-DNase B was 390and range is 0-170. This test was done in December 2013. If this stuff is being released, Could this be a sign of healing?
  2. My son had trouble with constipation afterwards.Sorry if this is too much information but I need some information about how to prevent this from happening again. If it's at all possible. My son normally drinks fluids throughout the day because of his low blood pressure problems. So I thought he would be getting enough fluids in. Is there a rule about how much extra fluids need to be taken in according to body weight? Also how many days before infusion should I start pushing more fluids? Besides water is there any other fluids that I should be pushing or is water the best thing to do? I want to do a better job of this before the next infulsion. Any suggestions would be appreciated and hopefully it will be a better experience this next time around for him. I do think he is finally back to his baseline before he had the IVIG. It did take 5 days, and I'm hoping for a little more improvement for his part. He felt pretty rotten the first three days of being home after the treatment. His headache and pain levels did go up. When this happened he toldme he did not want to go through another treatment. However, I was told in advance this was to be expected.I just don't want him to get discouraged and was hoping someone might have some additional tips on how to make his next treatment go smoother.
  3. Before having IVIG, is it necessary that your child have all of their vaccinations? I know my son has not had his Hep B yet. I am going to take his shot card into the health department to find out if he is missing anymore. However, I would like to know what your doctors are recommending about vaccinations. I asked our last immunologist and he said to hold off on them but did not explain why. I know this can be a very controversial topic but I really need some advice if you feel comfortable sharing.Or you can PM if you like. If you have some research to pass along, I will gladly read it. I just don't want to get my son in trouble with the IVIG. If I need to hold off on doing the IVIG because of not having current vaccinations. I do understand that live virus vaccinations should not be given to a child with a comprimised immune system. Any advice or research articles would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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