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  1. He was treated for 11 months. I just had his iep meeting for kindergarden today and he is doing well just needing articulation assistance.

  2. I just noticed your post and wanted to commeny on lyme induced autism. I was told my toddler had autism when in reality after I started treating him naturally for lyme it started lifting the autism. I later found a Dr. to help. He was born with lyme and it was not an issue until the vaccines flooded his immune system. He is now 4 and off treatment and is pregressign as if he was on pause for 2 yrs

  3. Hi, I saw your post on Albany and I wanted to tell you that I travel from scranton area to take my son who is 3 to dr bovenzi in albany, I recieved her name from ilads.org and she is a peditrician she is lyme aware and my son is on his 3rd month of treatment after a Igenex positive for lyme and bartonella, he is doing wonderfully. I am not sure if that helps .....

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