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  1. no, I just took sodium selenite and probiotics, my daughter was born with sensory processing and had to have the vac on and was awake the moment it was off, no doctor believed me that she had an issue, and as I vaccinated the issues became worse. My new baby son seems to have some colic due to being a preemie (born 1 month early due to my blood pressure)but hopefully with the lessons I have learned and the information I have aquired I can help him in the event of an issue
  2. We lead a "normal life" I have 2 children with lyme induced autism and I have an amazing newborn that will never be vaccinated in the hopes that it will not trigger and immune respons to congenital lyme as the vaccines did with my other children. I keep the immune systems up with probiotics and not all the junkfood, epsom salt baths, my son follows gf/cf and he attends aba and will attend kindergarden in the fall with the diagnosis of adhd at the most.
  3. He was treated for 11 months. I just had his iep meeting for kindergarden today and he is doing well just needing articulation assistance.

  4. sorry. just saw this email. how long was he on treatment for lyme: thanks

  5. I agree ! I gave my son a parasite cleanse for many many months after seeing the parasites thru nutritional microscopy, we now do them in spring and fall as directed by our naturopath. I use kroger herbs -wormwood combination, and paragone kids.
  6. When my daughter was born she had to have a constant loud vacuum cleaner running our she would wake, and she was only content to zone out to baby einstein movies- after several years and vacuum cleaners...I learned from my son's occupational therapist that she had sensory processing disorder with a low sensory threshold. After treating my son for lyme induced autism, I began the antibiotic treatment on my daughter. They nolonger have the sensory diagnosis but it was not a diagnosis that my peditrician was able to make.
  7. I have a boy that just turned 4 with lyme induced autism, when I treated him with GSE he spoke the next day. We have been doing naturals and antibiotics and he is off all and attending a daily ABA program and is a miracle.He is doing well and speaking. My 7 year old girl was also born with lyme and she is under antibiotic treatment and herbal she is extreemely emotional and that seems to be when the bacteria stirs. We have seen marvelous results thru treatment. I have also found it helpful to do a parasite cleanse.
  8. Yes, Thanks- I did find them to be expensive but the Dr. said they are what helped her get off her antibiotics for lyme
  9. My 7 year old daughter has been treated for Lyme and bart with abx for some time and her dr. recommended the McCamish Protocol. It is formulated by a dr who treated her son for lyme and they are only sold to drs. We purchased the liquids and detox caps that are to aid her in weening off the meds.
  10. I just noticed your post and wanted to commeny on lyme induced autism. I was told my toddler had autism when in reality after I started treating him naturally for lyme it started lifting the autism. I later found a Dr. to help. He was born with lyme and it was not an issue until the vaccines flooded his immune system. He is now 4 and off treatment and is pregressign as if he was on pause for 2 yrs

  11. I have a 3 year old son recovering from lyme induced autism and before I could get him to an LLMD I treated him with 1 dropper holistic cats claw daily and 1/2 tsp twice daily colloidal silver. I had tremendous success with increased eyecontact vocalization and massive herx reactions. The colloidal was very calming and reduced his constant movement and patterns. Once we started the antibiotic therapy I discontinued the cats claw and colloidal. He is currently off medication and progressing well.
  12. Thank you for sharing your experience, I thought it was a long time for my daughter to have such a painful herx but now I see it can continue for days. I know we are just starting so I am sure there is more to come but atleast I have hope ! Thanks !
  13. My daughter 7, was having what I believe as a herx on day 10 of bactrim/zithro. At night she was in pain that was in her shins that was nonstop until I gave her motrin, the next morning she was still hunched over and afraid to put pressure on her shins, once again I gave her the motrin and the doctor said it was very common with the bacteria to cause shin pain. Has anyone experienced this? Just wondering if there was any suggestions, I also gave her an epsom salt bath and she drinks lemon water and probiotics. Thanks
  14. I would like to ask if there are any thoughts on my 7 year old daughters IGENEX results - igm 30 + 31 ind 41 ind igg 31 ind 39 ind 41 +++ 41 ind I took my daughter to the ilads trained doctor and got a clinical diagnosis of lyme and bartonella, we are starting treatment with azith and bactrim. She has suffered vision issues with tracking and vision loss, shin pain, and lack of balance along with being very emotional and at times nervous and very sensitive overall. My 3 year old son is recovering Lyme Induced Autism. My son is now off antibiotics after 1 year of treatment and doing well!
  15. I was coming to post this same article, I loved it since it is what we are going thru. My son has lyme induced autism and is recovering !
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