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  1. Thanks for all of your responses. I can't believe there is not the take up with doctors as the link with my son seems totally clear. The doctor trotted out what i would imagine is a usual response of 'childeren of this age often exhibit quote 'magical' behaivoir. It does'nt look very magical to me....my little boy is compelled to touch/adjust pretty much any object he passes! We are going to get the throat swab and i'll ask for antibiotics. My daughter (3) is seriously croaky now and was croup last night....don't really want her to be passing anything back to my little man. He w
  2. Thanks...just spoken with Doc on phone and he had never heard of PANDAS...quote 'must be rare as hens teeth'!! Still he did say that there is no harm in doing throat swab. We are a family of 4 (daughter is three). We've all had the bad throat and daughter has a flare up now.... I'll def ask about the antibiotics...our doc is usually fairly receptive.... I'm going to keep a log of my sons behaivoir too... Thanks again...Jas
  3. Thanks for this....i kind of suspected this would be the response. No, throat culture was not done....doc thought our boy was fighting infection well himself. What is abx?...certainly printing out info is a good idea... We are in Oxfordshire, England... Partner should have been in touch with doc today, but she is a little resistant to the idea that it could be PANDAs... Any or all advice is much welcome....could these symptoms worsen??? Thanks Jas
  4. Hello About a week before Christmas our son (age 5) developed a very sore throat (tonsels inflaimed with white dots), a night-time severe croup and fever. He was poorly for over a week and off school (school stated that scarlet fever had been going around but the doc did not think our sone had it). Within about a week of this illnes he started to exhibit some odd behaivour as follows: - Repeated doing up of shoes - Repeated arranging of certain items - Touching/checking of chairs doors etc - Now touches/checks solid objects such as pillars in museum. - Ra
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